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Invitation to Join

We invite all eligible women to join the Ladies Guild of St. Nicholas Cathedral. To join, women need to be members of the parish and need a blessing from Fr. Alexei. Are you interested? Please contact the Head Sister, Tanya Bilibin, for additional information at

Why should I join?

The purpose of the Sisterhood is to support the maintenance and upkeep of the holy temple through various activities, fundraisers, and labor. As a part of the sisterhood, you will help fulfill this purpose by providing much needed support to a network of women. At the same time, you will have an opportunity to further develop Orthodox virtues, multiply your God-given talents, and undertake good works.

What are the Sisterhood’s responsibilities?

The Sisterhood has many responsibilities including the following:

  • Sewing and up keeping clerical and temple vestments
  • Supporting and comforting the sick and elderly
  • Visiting the dying and coordinating an opportunity for the priest to bring Holy Communion
  • Maintaining the temple and all associated structures
  • Assisting with the acquisition and distribution of spiritual literature and education materials
  • Donating to various monasteries and convents in the Holy Land and Mexico
  • Providing monetary gifts to various members with special circumstances on Christmas and Easter

How does the Sisterhood fulfill all assigned responsibilities?

To fulfill these responsibilities, the Sisterhood engages in a variety of activities including the following:

  • Preparing and serving lunch after Sunday Liturgy
  • Selling goods such as Pascha, Kulich, Blini, and other wonderful Russian culinary treats
  • Preparing for the annual Russian Bazaar by making pelemeni, piroshky (baked and fried), borsht, shish kebobs and a variety of pastries
  • Hosting the annual Russian Bazaar (our largest annual event)
  • Buying and arranging flowers
  • Cleaning the Holy Temple
  • Decorating the church for all major feast days including Pascha, the Twelve Great Feast Days, and the Parish Feast Day